I’m running for Mayor of Scranton because I truly believe I can restore luster to our great city. I firmly believe our greater days are ahead. Answers to the city’s problems won’t come overnight, but they will come in a steady and progressive manner through honest hard work and fresh ideas.

I’ve never walked away from a challenge or commitment, and I never will. I will live in Scranton for the rest of my life and I promise that I will work hard every single day to create better opportunities so that everyone has a brighter future in the Electric City. You have my word on it.


“One of the things that Bill said when he started running was that he wanted to live in the city that he grew up in. He wanted to stay committed to this city. And he said at the time, if I’m quoting him accurately, is something like ‘I want to stay, I’m not going to be leaving.’ And I think that kind of commitment is vitally important. He also has great business experience, great management experience, and great experience as an elected official on city council and as tax collector. I want to stay in Scranton as long as I live. I want you to know how much I appreciate the fact that he is running.”

– U.S. Senator Bob Casey

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