About Bill

I’m running for Mayor of Scranton because I truly believe I can restore luster to our great city. I firmly believe our greater days are ahead. Answers to the city’s problems won’t come overnight, but they will come in a steady and progressive manner through honest hard work and fresh ideas.

I’ve never walked away from a challenge or commitment, and I never will. I will live in Scranton for the rest of my life and I promise that I will work hard every single day to create better opportunities so that everyone has a brighter future in the Electric City. You have my word on it.

The Experience, Integrity & Commitment to Bring Positive Growth to Scranton

Business owner in Scranton for the past 30 years

18 years as Technical Services Manager for TRANE Corp. – responsible for over a million dollar annual budget

Scranton Council: 2004-2010

Scranton Tax Collector: 2010-2013 – In his first year as Tax Collector through increased office efficiency and enhanced accounting procedures, Bill found $429,191 for the Scranton School District in taxes and $600,000 for the city not dispersed from 2005-2009. He also collected over $5,000,000 in additional tax revenue.

Member of Civil Service Committee

9 years Municipal police Officers Education and Training Commission (MPOECT)

55 years old, married with 3 children

Lifelong resident of Scranton who is running for Mayor to get Scranton “Back on Track”

Parish member, St. Ann’s / St. Lucy’s since 1957